Travelling Tips

Namibia is a one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, mostly because it offers spectacular mouth-dropping scenery. Namibia is safe, peaceful, boasts a well-functioning physical infrastructure and most goods and services are accessible through well-stocked shops.

Here are a few helpful travelling tips when visiting Namibia:

The country is known for its hot dry climate. It is advisable to visit Namibia during winter months (May to August), which is a bit cooler. It can reach a maximum of 40° C in summer and 27° C in winter. Minimum degrees are 25°C in summer and 14°C in winter. The desert can reach below freezing point at night (winter or summer). The rainy season is during summer (September to April).

There are daily flights to and from Namibia via its neighbouring country, South Africa. Visit Air Namibia’s website for more information on flight schedules and bookings.

Namibia does not have a sophisticated public transport system. It is best to travel in a scheduled tour group or to rent a car if you choose to travel on your own. Towns are relatively small so you can walk around to explore, but remember that the temperatures can be rather hot!

Like most holidays, it is advisable to arrange your health and travel insurance before your visit. Malaria occurs in the Northern regions of the country and you should consult your doctor for the required preventative medication at least one month before your visit. Due to differences in the water content across Namibia, it is suggested to opt for bottled mineral water in stead.

The local denomination for money is the Namibia Dollar. One dollar consists of 100 cents. The Namibian currency has a fixed peg (1:1) against the South African Rand. The Rand is accepted in Namibia, but unfortunately you cannot use Namibia Dollar in South Africa. Most of the big towns have commercial banks, which offer foreign exchange services. Namibia has an ATM and point-of-sale network stretching across the country. You will be able to use your debit or credit cards in most parts of Namibia.
Ensure that you have a valid passport that complies with the necessary visa requirements. For more information on passports and visa’s, please visit the Namibia Tourism Board website.